Files reflected below represent various contracts between a company called Nexus Solutions and the district.  Nexus’ business started with PLSAS being its first client in 2012 and since then, the district has spent more than $25 million for capital & leasing project management for district facilities. What we have been able to find are the 2012, 2015 and 2017 contracts.

other documents

PLSAS-Nexus Partnership Summary Prepared by PLSAS

Always remember in the The district published this summary of the Nexus/PLSAS partnership around the time of the 2017 bond and operating levy increase referendum due to citizen concerns regarding the partnership.

Article about Nexus Executives – Duluth ISD

This article was published in 2017 by the Duluth Reader that discusses concerns with school districts doing business with Nexus and warns PLSAS not to make the same mistakes as the Duluth ISD.

Nexus Check Register Thru Jan-21 – Detail

Received from the district via a data request – reflects all payments made to Nexus since 2012 through January 2021 – totals roughly $25 million.

Nexus Check Register Thru Jan-21 -Nexus Check Register Thru Dec-22 – Summary

This file summarizes the check register  including the amounts spent per year and how the district coded/explained/categorized each expenditure.  It has been updated since the data request was made in 2021 with data from check registers presented in board meetings through December 2022.

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