Did you know that there are about 30,000 registered voters in the Prior Lake-Savage Area School District? And that 30,000 is also the number of views this website has reached! Let’s keep this momentum going and remind family, friends and neighbors to… VOTE 4 CHANGE!

Knock, knock… who’s there?

LAKERS4CHANGE! If you are looking for a way to make a positive impact in our phenomenal community, just answer your door when we knock! Our volunteers and the candidates have been knocking on thousands of doors since the summer to spread the word about the state our district is in and how much better itContinue reading “Knock, knock… who’s there?”

Thank you, KARE11!

Lakers4Change and our amazing endorsed candidates Amy Bullyan, Geoff Zahn, Lisa Atkinson and Bill Markert were featured on a KARE11 segment, that aired Monday evening, and it can also be read about on KARE11’s website. After watching the segment and reading the article that followed, there are several details, or lack thereof, to note. ScreenshotsContinue reading “Thank you, KARE11!”

If you’re old enough to vote, you‘re old enough to make up your own mind.

Do your research! Vote for CHANGE!

Outrageous LOVE

While the Prior Lake-Savage School District has been focusing on Equity and Inclusion, our children’s proficiency has been suffering. We know that the current school board directors have invested a lot of time, money and resources into Equity and Inclusion and the PLSAS stakeholders want to know how progress is being measured. Is this programContinue reading “Outrageous LOVE”

Not responsible?

Only 16 days left until election day and Lakers4Change endorsed candidates and volunteers are out meeting voters every day. We want to know what the greatest concerns about our school district are. We are not at all surprised that our well-educated voters overwhelmingly agree that the number one issue driving them to vote for schoolContinue reading “Not responsible?”

Be on the lookout…

With the PLSEA teachers union endorsement at play, you will begin to see more of a presence of the union endorsed candidates in the district. There is a deep desire for the teachers union to maintain control of who occupies those precious seats elected to serve our children and our community. It is important toContinue reading “Be on the lookout…”

28 days to go!

Lakers! We need your help! The PLSAS school board election is only 28 days away! We have a lot of work to do in the next month to educate the community about the candidates whom we believe would be best for our schools and our district. In 2018, the PLSEA (teachers union) executive committee spentContinue reading “28 days to go!”

All hands on deck, please!

Several thousand doors have already been knocked but we have a lot more to get to. The reception has been great and engaging with stakeholders is absolutely crucial. We need a few more volunteers to place signs, make calls and knock doors. If you would like to get involved, contact us here!

Order your YARD SIGNS!

If you haven’t gotten your School Board Candidate Yard Signs, follow this link to get them delivered! Show the community that you support CHANGE and TRANSPARENCY!

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