We are a group of concerned and motivated citizens of the Prior Lake-Savage Area School District, dedicated to bringing student success and educational excellence back to the forefront.

We intend on holding school district officials and staff accountable.

Improving student proficiency in reading, writing, math and science.

We support the removal of controversial ideologies from our schools in a fiscally responsible manner.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe that the focus of education needs to be on skills and preparing students for success after high school.

Childhood education is for teaching children how to succeed in math, science, language, social studies and the arts.

Teaching morality and developing personal beliefs belongs in the home, not in the classroom.

Providing equal opportunity for individual success is a necessity for every child. Demanding accountability and responsibility for one’s actions is vital.

Lessons in failure and consequence are imperative to facing adversity in an adult world.

How You Can Help

Get Educated

Lakers 4 Change is dedicated to providing resources based on fact. Resources available on this site have been requested directly from the PLSAS school district and other verified sources and will be provided with complete transparency.

Get Involved

Follow our site for opportunities to get involved. Volunteering can happen in many ways. We are looking for community members with various skills to fill many roles that are vital to our success. We are also looking to support future candidates for election to the PLSAS school board in 2022.

Get the Word Out

Share this group and its mission with others in the community. Changing the trajectory of our local school district impacts not only the students in our schools but also the community it represents and all that live here. Every voice matters.


What We Know

District-wide test scores are declining and almost 50% of our students are non-proficient.

Fiscal responsibility is needed as district expenses are growing at a much higher rate than enrollment, even when accounting for inflation.

Student : teacher ratios and class sizes are increasing districtwide.

District spending has put us into a deficit and yet they ask for more.

The safety and security of our most precious investments are being ignored.


Updates in our community

  • The results are in.
    The results are in and Lisa Atkinson and Amy Bullyan have been newly elected to the Prior Lake-Savage Area School Board. Bill Markert and Geoff Zahn ran phenomenal campaigns and we are so proud to have gotten to know and support these amazing men. Congratulations to Jessica Oldstad and Enrique Velazquez. Thank you so muchContinue reading “The results are in.”
    Don’t forget these four names when you head to the election booth today! ATKINSON • BULLYAN • MARKERT • ZAHN
  • Uncovered truths.
    We have all heard the accusations fly about our school district not supporting parental rights. These concerns have been described as the choice to mask our children, distance vs. in-person learning, curriculum transparency and gender identity. These topics have been spoken about repeatedly over the past 14 months at school board meetings, discussed at lengthContinue reading “Uncovered truths.”
  • Weekend of volunteering!
    What a great weekend for getting out to neighborhoods and sharing info about the Lakers4Change endorsed candidates. Our large group on Saturday, was amazing. Especially the new volunteers that came out to help! The remaining roughly 1000 bags were stuffed and dropped at doors in the district. What a HUGE team effort! WE COULD NOTContinue reading “Weekend of volunteering!”
    Remember to vote for school board candidates that won’t continue putting your child’s academic proficiency at risk, for their progressive agenda. VOTE… ATKINSON • BULLYAN MARKERT • ZAHN If you wish to continue down the path of falling proficiency scores, deficit spending that leads to higher taxes, student conflict and safety issues. Vote for theContinue reading “VOTE 4 CHANGE!”
  • See what’s trending…
    Hypocrisy In a recent posting on a Facebook page named “Citizens of Prior Lake,” a member of the group allegedly was asked to share a statement by Dr. Dan Edwards, PLSAS Director of Teaching and Learning. Lakers4Change would like to respond to his letter, please read to the end. The statement reads as follows, WeighingContinue reading “See what’s trending…”

Become a Volunteer

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  1. Stumbled across this page and it caught my attention. I will be looking into this organization more. I hope it is what it appears to be.

    1. Thank you for your comment and thank you for visiting Lakers4Change.com.
      We hope you find what you are looking for and we are happy to connect if you have and questions regarding the information we have provided.
      Please share this site with others and contact us if you would like to get more involved.
      Thank you!

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If you want to find out more about candidates that have your best interests in mind, check out our ENDORSED CANDIDATES PAGE.

Do not hesitate to reach out to them if you have questions!

Atkinson, Markert, Bullyan and Zahn are determined to bring transparency to the board, so why not start right now!

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