2022-23 Budget

District prepared budget presentation from the 12/12/22 School Board Meeting.

2022-23 Final Budget Comparisons

This document reflects a number of 2022-23 budget comparisons:

  • Final Budget versus 2021-22 Actual Results by Fund
  • Budget Fund Balances – Final Budget prepared in December 2022 versus Preliminary Budget prepared in June 2022 – LARGE VARIANCES FROM EXPECTATIONS
  • General Fund Budget versus 2021-22 General Fund Actual Results
  • Prior Year Results (2021-22) versus Prior Year Budget – LARGE VARIANCES FROM EXPECATIONS

PLSAS Enrollment Projections

  • First file reflects enrollment projection for fiscal year 2022-23 prepared by district on 9/26/22.
  • Second file reflects an enrollment presentation made by District to Finance Advisory Committee on 12/15/22.  Decision made to forecast enrollment using  a 3-year weighted average methodology (most recent years weighted higher)

World’s Best Workforce Objectives 2021 Report

District report presented to Board at 11/8/21 that reflects proficiency test score trends and objectives for 2021-22.

School Finance for Legislators – 2022 Version

This guidebook explains how public elementary and secondary schools are funded in Minnesota.