The VERDICT is in.

The board announced their decision on the two candidates who will be returning for building tours, conversations with district leaders and a second interview.

Ben Barton of Princeton School District is scheduled to interview tomorrow, April 29 at 4pm at the District Services Center.

Michael Thomas of Colorado Springs District 11 is scheduled to interview on May 2 at 4pm at the District Services Center.

Final deliberations will follow on May 2 at 6pm to decide if one of these two candidates will be named the new superintendent of PLSAS.

School Board deliberations can be viewed here.

WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! (And they should, too)

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4 thoughts on “The VERDICT is in.

  1. Shared by anonymous user:

    Ben is the one who is qualified to be a superintendent of PLSHS. Him and wife are from Minnesota. He has an outstanding reputation.

    Mike has lost respect, with his ideas. It cost him his job In Colorado Springs. Wait, it cost CS school district $300,000 and 18 months of insurance premiums.
    Our school district needs to have $$$ for the children, to teach course works and not “emotional elective courses”!

  2. Shared by anonymous user:

    My husband and I watched both interviews and we think Ben Barton is the obvious choice. He’s everything we need in a superintendent plus he’s sincere, personable and he truly cares about the future of our children. It’s extremely concerning that Michael Thomas was asked to resign from his previous role (based on articles found online). It’s clear he couldn’t find common ground with the newly elected school board at his previous district, which he confirmed in his interview. Isn’t that key to a leading a team? Ben is going to be the guy that works along side the school Board.

  3. Shared by anonymous user:

    To whom it may concern,
    I strongly suggest that you vote for Ben Barton for our next superintendent for PLSAS today.

    He has a great small town feel, which we as a community, pride ourselves on. Ben will be able to keep us grounded in what the community wants as well as be able to forecast the future of our students.

    He is fiscally responsible and will be able to help keep us from overspending or using tax dollars recklessly.

    Mr. Barton has a wonderful strategy for mental health to help students overcome the unfortunate difficulties they face. He is able to recognize what makes a student tick and how to help them be successful in everyday life as well as academia.

    It would be for the best interest of our students, community and schools to have him on our team. Please consider him as your first choice.

    Thank you!

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