From huddles to audibles…

Yesterday was another great day for Lakers4Change.

Former Vikings offensive lineman, Matt Birk met with several members of Lakers4Change to discuss current concerns in MN schools.
Mr. Birk spent a generous amount of time listening and shared his dedication to encouraging positive educational experiences and the power behind character development leading to personal success for ALL MN youth.

Lakers4Change was contacted and informed that complaints were made to the PLSAS school district regarding the post prom party that was being held at the high school. The complaints were that the after prom event is being hosted by Scott County Young Life organization. PLSAS decided that the organization may still be allowed to host the party but that they will now be required to pay an additional $500 facility rental fee.
To help offset the cost, Lakers4Change is asking anyone willing to donate to this organization to help provide a safe and fun option for ALL students to go after prom, go to Scott County Young Life and select Scott County – MN80, Operating from the dropdown menu and type PANCAKES AND PROM in the “Sponsoring” box. SCYL is also looking for a few more in kind donations that can be found here.

This site had another fantastic day of thousands of views, new subscribers and followers, volunteer offers and donations. Please continue sharing and reaching out with your ideas and concerns and don’t miss out on The Real DANGER Behind CRT with Sheila and Kendall Qualls on Monday, May 23 at 5-7 pm. Registration for the event is closing Sunday night, RSVP here if you haven’t already.

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