Got a minute? Be a volunteer!

We are less than 100 visits from reaching


Word is traveling fast about all of the amazing events we have already scheduled and we are continually adding more.

You know what that means…


We are looking for people willing to give as much time as they are able. We want to keep adding as much to our calendar as we possibly can so we can continue to get the word out about Lakers4Change and our mission.

If you are able to volunteer for one of the roles already defined on the volunteer opportunities page, great! We’ll take you!

If you have a different idea about how you can help, let us know!

If you don’t have time to spare (trust me, we get it.) Donations are greatly appreciated because it costs money to participate in events and to get materials out to people that don’t know who we are yet.

But most importantly, keep spreading the word. We are in touch with new people in the community every day and the momentum to make positive change in our district and our community is UNSTOPPABLE.

As always, thank you for supporting Lakers4Change!

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