In case you missed it.

There were two forums held to interview PLSAS School Board Candidates last week and last evening. The first evening, Amy Bullyan, Bill Markert and Lisa Atkinson participated. Last night Jessica Olstad, Bill Markert, Lisa Atkinson and Geoff Zahn were present.

Over 50 questions were submitted by the public and 20 were selected based on the most common that fell under the topics: Background/Qualifications, Priorities, Finance, Policy and Conflict Resolution.

Bill Markert, Lisa Atkinson, Amy Bullyan and Geoff Zahn are endorsed by Lakers4Change.

Jessica Olstad, Michael Nelson (incumbent), Jonathan Drewes (incumbent) and Enrique Velazquez (incumbent) are endorsed by the PLSEA Teacher’s Union.

Chip Sharrat submitted a statement of intent to “withdraw” but will still be on the ballot in November. He asked that Lakers4Change share his statement with the public and it was also read at each forum. His statement can be read in full here.

The live stream videos can be watched immediately on our Facebook page. The videos will also be added to the website tomorrow and available, in full, for the public to watch and share.

Make sure to contact us with questions and subscribe for updates on upcoming opportunities with Lakers4Change!

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