Lakers4Change has placed ANOTHER order for materials that will be delivered this week and we want to thank our donors for making this possible!

As many people know, but unfortunately, still not enough, the Teachers Union will throw A LOT of money at the candidates that they endorse. As explained in our latest post, this money comes right out of our hard working teachers’ pockets. A portion of each teacher’s annual dues is directed to a Union PAC that chooses how that money will be used regardless of who that individual supports.

This year, less than 15 local unionized teachers submitted their preferred candidates to Prior Lake-Savage Education Association (PLSEA). PLSEA considered this enough data to not only endorse candidates but also to claim that this endorsement is an accurate representation of all of the teachers in this union, which may be as many as 500 PLSAS teachers.

Lakers4Change endorsed candidates are depending on the support of individuals, like you, that believe that the PLSAS School Board must be balanced and must bring transparency and accountability back to our district.

Teachers, parents and stakeholders need transparent representation. This means we must vote for change. The children need us.


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