Candidate Town Hall Tonight

As you may already know, Lakers4Change invited all nine candidates to participate in two School Board Town Hall events in September. Lisa Atkinson, Bill Markert, Amy Bullyan, Geoff Zahn and Jessica Olstad chose to partake. (Those forums can be watched on the Lakers4Change Facebook Page.)

Tonight, the City of Prior Lake, in partnership with the Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce and Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools, is hosting a candidate forum where 8 of the 9 candidates with be participating. Chip Sharratt of Savage is halting his campaign but will remain on the ballot.

Michael Nelson, Enrique Velazquez, Jessica Olstad and Jonathan Drewes are the four candidates endorsed by the Teacher’s Union which spent $1.2M on political activity and lobbying across MN in 2020, according to The incumbents, Nelson, Velazquez and Drewes, declined or chose not to respond to the invite for the Lakers4Change forums and the Union interviews were removed from the PLSEA Facebook page before most of the public, and many of the union teachers, had the opportunity to watch.

We encourage you to attend tonight’s forum and reach out to individual candidates for answers to questions you may have.

Remember to ask yourself if you are happy with how this district is being lead. If the answer is NO…


According to the Chamber of Commerce website:

The PLSAS School Board forum will take place on Oct. 5 from 6-7 pm at Prior Lake City Hall.

A moderator will ask the candidate questions during the forums and members of the public will have opportunities to submit questions of the candidates in advance.  The Chamber is accepting questions which can be submitted to Sandi Fleck, President at the Prior Lake Chamber.  (  Questions need to be submitted by Monday, Oct. 3. 

Information about the candidates will be available at the forum. Campaign literature, buttons, signs, clothing or any other campaign-related items will not be allowed in the room where the forum is taking place.

The candidate forums will be televised live on the City’s cable channel. They will also be recorded for playback on the City and School District’s television channels. Web streaming will be made available on the respective websites a couple days following the event, and

This is an opportunity to hear candidates who want your vote for City Council and School Board elections Nov. 8.

For more information, please contact the Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce at 952-440-1000.

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