Don’t forget these four names when you head to the election booth today! ATKINSON • BULLYAN • MARKERT • ZAHN

Uncovered truths.

We have all heard the accusations fly about our school district not supporting parental rights. These concerns have been described as the choice to mask our children, distance vs. in-person learning, curriculum transparency and gender identity. These topics have been spoken about repeatedly over the past 14 months at school board meetings, discussed at lengthContinue reading “Uncovered truths.”

Whose children are they?

Remember when you wanted to make health decisions for your own child? Remember when you had to leave your child at home, to learn alone, because you couldn’t lose your job? Remember when you pleaded with them in a public forum, were told to stop speaking because your 3 minutes was up and they movedContinue reading “Whose children are they?”

You won’t want to miss this!

Lakers4Change, in partnership with Bridgewood Church, is hosting an amazing event that you absolutely won’t want to miss. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the film, Whose Children Are They?, this is the time to see it. One of the people featured in this documentary has offered to speak before the film andContinue reading “You won’t want to miss this!”

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