Protect Parental Rights, Why Not?

A Parental Rights and Transparency Resolution was presented to the PLSAS School Board and Superintendent at the August 14 board meeting. Printed copies were handed to the board and the board was asked that it be added to the agenda of the August 28 study session for discussion. According to a petition that is being circulated on social media, texts and emails, Board Chair Crosby denied that request and stated that it would need to be a “collective community voice” that brings this forward in order for a board discussion to take place.

According to minutes from 2020 PLSAS Public Engagement and Legislative Committee (PELC) meetings, the district’s Equity and Inclusion Resolution only required the former superintendent Dr. Teri Staloch, former board directors Stacy Ruelle and Michael Nelson, current board director Enrique Velazquez and 10 marginalized members selected from the community by PELC board directors.

Isn’t it strange that the PLSAS school board won’t even consider discussing this resolution at the board table? Is it because they don’t believe that parents rights should be protected? Why would PLSAS not jump at the opportunity to set the precedent for other districts and prove to parents that their rights are most important when educating their children? Will Lakers4Change endorsed board directors Amy Bullyan and Lisa Atkinson stand up for parental rights by requesting that the resolution be added to the agenda for discussion?

If you would like to read the resolution and petition, it can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Protect Parental Rights, Why Not?

  1. My wife and I, grandparents of one of the PLSAS students, are in total agreement with the proposed Parental Rights and Transparency Resolution and strongly urge the PLSAS Board and Superintendent to accept for review, adopt, and implement this resolution at the next PLSAS Board meeting. The board, school staff, teachers, counselors, etc. cannot and should not usurp parental rights / responsibilities.

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