CCRTL Coaching

Files reflected below reflect various Scope of Work (SOW) documents between Dr. Sharroky Hollie, his company CCRTL and the district that total approximately $300K through May 2021.
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CCRTL – Dr. Sharrocky Hollie Payment Information

This document reflects the direct payments made to CCRTL for district professional development related to culturally responsive linguistics and teaching training.  The document does not include the indirect costs incurred by the district for substitutes while teachers are in training, travel expense, venue expense, etc.

Sharroky Hollie Presentations:
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On Monday, February 21, 2022, teachers of PLSAS attended a professional development day by Dr. Sharroky Hollie at the Prior Lake High School. Below is an outline of the professional development day session.

Follow this link for more information on Dr. Hollie’s CCRTL coaching.